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Hotel Palazzo Selvadego Venezia

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Reviews Recommended by 76 guests out of 82

Overall Hotel rating

  • Property facilities 4.5
    • Aspect and property quality 4.4
    • Room cleanliness 4.5
    • Room comfort 4.2
    • Hotel location (city centre or good connections to) 4.8
  • Service offered 3.8
    • Quality of the service and treatment 4
    • Professionalism of employees 4.1
    • Average satisfaction for the service received 4
    • Quality of breakfast 2.9
  • Balance between web presentation and reality 4.1
    • Property pictures 3.9
    • Room pictures 3.8
    • Available services 4
    • Distance from the centre and the main tourist attractions 4.7

Rating by type of Guests

  • Single traveller (10) 4.3
  • Couple (59) 4.2
  • Couple with children (6) 4.3
  • Business traveller (1) 3.1
  • Group (6) 4.4
  • Legend
  • 1pt: bad
  • 2pt: average
  • 3pt: above average
  • 4pt: good
  • 5pt: excellent

Guest reviews with comments

  • 27 January 2016
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    Breakfast service is served at hotel Monaco: we have to got out , even if its not very far , and if the view from the hotel is nice.
    it's not so convenient. above all in winter when it's cold

    Anonymous (France)Couple
  • 3 February 2015
    5 / 5 Excellent

    Barbara Riva (Italy)Couple
  • 10 July 2014
    5 / 5 Excellent

    This was a return visit for us. The location is excellent - we love being near St. Mark' Square, the Vaporetto stop, Grand Canal, and loads of restaurants.

    Edward Winkler (United States)Couple
  • 26 June 2013
    3.9 / 5 Good

    No services other than check in desk and that was not spelled out on web site. Breakfast not included and not clearly stated on reservation. I feel like all of your attention goes to the Hotel Monaco and we were in the "overflow" hotel. The one selling point is your location. Of our vacation, this was our least favorite hotel.

    Roy Kimmins (United States)Group
  • 1 August 2012
    4 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (United States)Couple
  • 6 March 2012
    4.1 / 5 Good

    Lucia Fornaini (Italy)Couple
  • 21 November 2011
    3.8 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Italy)Single traveller
  • 27 August 2011
    4.2 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (France)Couple
  • 4 August 2011
    3.9 / 5 Good

    The hotel was a good value for the quality of the rooms, location and for its access to breakfast at the Monaco's waterfront terrace. The staff were friendly and professional.
    The lobby of the Palazzo Selvadego itself is small and cramped, but given the little time one has to spend there, its a minor inconvenience. We were traveling in a family group that occupied 5 rooms. Some rooms are very large and even peek at the Grand Canal, others are cramped and face a lightwell, but all seem to be the same price...
    The access to WiFI, which is a necessity nowadays, is inconvenient, given that one must go to the Monaco lobby.

    Jose (Peru)Couple with children
  • 29 June 2011
    4.2 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Ireland)Single traveller
  • 2 May 2011
    4 / 5 Good

    Agréablement surpris d’être accueilli par des personnes aussi avenante et chaleureuse,
    Je me permets donc de féliciter le personnel du service précité.

    Carlos-Jean Mairena (France)Couple
  • 9 April 2011
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    Beste Lage (gleich hinter Markusplatz). Frühstück im Haupthaus direkt am Canale Grande.

    Fritz (Austria)Single traveller
  • 5 April 2011
    4.3 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Spain)Couple
  • 21 March 2011
    3.6 / 5 Good

    The hotel was good. No complaints. The only bad thing I would say is about the staff. They were not friendly or warm at all.

    Anonymous (United States)Single traveller
  • 1 March 2011
    3.9 / 5 Good

    Die Wegbeschreibung zum Hotel und die Beschriftung des Hotels ist absolut ungenügend. Wir haben es erst nach mehrmaligem Fragen finden können. Wenn wir mindestens gewusst hätten, dass dës zum Monaco gehört, wäre uns schon sehr geholfen gewesen. Trotzdem die Unterkunft war sehr zufriedenstellend. Beste Grüsse M.M.

    Anonymous (Switzerland)Couple
  • 16 February 2011
    3.9 / 5 Good

    Make clear in the booking papers that you have to check in at hotel monaco. Hotel is difficult to find.

    J Vogel (Netherlands)Couple
  • 27 November 2010
    3.7 / 5 Good

    La verdad es que yo iba muy ilusionada pero al ver la habitación me desilusioné... pensaba que iba a tener vistas bonitas, y no fue así... el baño NO TENÍA BAÑERA... Pienso que el precio es muy alto para lo que ví, además el desayuno MUY POCO VARIADO. Me arrepiento de no haber exigido otra habitación con mejores vistas.

  • 9 October 2010
    2.6 / 5 Above average

    The location is great. The breakfast was very poor for a 4 star hotel. It consisted of coffee ,fruit juice and croissant. The front of house staff were very unhelpful, in fact very rude.

    Mary Connor (New Zealand)Couple
  • 19 September 2010
    4.5 / 5 Excellent

    Anonymous (Germany)Single traveller
  • 24 August 2010
    3.6 / 5 Good

    Some of the front desk employees were very bold and abrasive, not what a frequent hotel customer would expect. I would expect more professionalism from what seems to be a hotel catered to international guests.

    John Liang (United States)Couple
  • 3 August 2010
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    We got upgraded to hotel Monaco ..excellent//still never found where we were supposed to book in Hotel monaco......would be easy to find with accurate in Get off vaporetto/actv waterbus at San Marco....1st form bus rialto end or second from marco polo airport and its right in front of you on the left ....dont go into St marks square

    John wilkinson (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 25 July 2010
    3.8 / 5 Good

    Luna Alexandre (France)Couple
  • 24 July 2010
    3.6 / 5 Good

    Young reception staff is not good service and not good at speaking English. For example,our stay plan is called ’’Freedom VENEZIA '' with many award so 72 hours water bus free thiket , free casino entrance ticket and VIP discount shopping tikets.But when we checked in,we did not have received it by hotel reception staff so we request it but not good response and reception staff said "Is it true that you don't have received awards?We were surprised to hear these words and disappointed.

    Soichiro Ikushima (Japan)Couple
  • 18 July 2010
    4.9 / 5 Excellent

    Excellent hotel and would recommend to others

    Neil Jones (Turkey)Couple
  • 8 July 2010
    4.3 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Spain)Group
  • 29 May 2010
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    Thomas Becker (United States)Single traveller
  • 20 May 2010
    4 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Germany)Group
  • 21 April 2010
    4.9 / 5 Excellent

    My wife and I stayed at the Palazzo Selvadego for three nights and were absolutely delighted with our stay here!

    Russ Mark (Canada)Couple
  • 9 April 2010
    4.1 / 5 Good

    The hotel is really close to the "piazza di San Marco".
    The entrance is hard to find.
    The real advantage is the breakfast you take at the hotel monaco (100m), which is on the "gran canal".

    Axel (France)Couple
  • 2 April 2010
    4.2 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Austria)Couple
  • 16 March 2010
    5 / 5 Excellent

    Anonymous (Serbia)Couple
  • 11 March 2010
    5 / 5 Excellent

    Séjour parfait. Hôtel a 2 pas de la place saint Marc. Très calme. Petit déjeuner a l'hôtel Monaco de grande qualité. Hotel diffile a trouver mais s'adresser a l'hôtel Monaco pour qu'il vous y conduise. A recommander.

    Anonymous (France)Couple
  • 22 February 2010
    5 / 5 Excellent

    Nadine (Belgium)Couple
  • 12 February 2010
    4.5 / 5 Excellent

    Wir erhielten bei der ankunft ein upgrade ins hotel monaco und grand canal, deshalb ist eine bewertung des hotel selvadego nicht möglich.
    die bewertung bezieht sich auf das hotel monaco.

    Anonymous (Switzerland)Couple
  • 1 January 2010
    4.5 / 5 Excellent

    Please note: we stayed in the Hotel Monaco (same property), not in the Palazzo. Were upgraded upon arrival.
    Very good hotel in every possible way. Would certainly go again.

    Nijmeijer Klaster (Netherlands)Couple with children
  • 24 November 2009
    4.1 / 5 Good

    This is a very delightful and unexpected surprise packet hidden discretely from the teaming masses. We will definitely visit this Hotel again. Great Value and an amazing location. 99.9%.

    Robert Edwin Waterhouse (Australia)Couple
  • 2 November 2009
    3.9 / 5 Good

    I thought that the Room will be bigger compared to the picture on the web.
    And one thing very important for us is the breakfast. If we consider the quality of the hotel, it's a shame to pay when we want eggs or ham or fruits ! And no fresh bread and no fresh orange juice ! It's the negative point of this hotel for us.

    Anonymous (France)Couple
  • 14 October 2009
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    The Palazzo Selvadego is a very pleasant hotel for a visit in Venice! The staff is very friendly and professional! I would always stay there again!

    Anonymous (Germany)Single traveller
  • 13 October 2009
    2 / 5 Average

    Dust and dirty room, insects, very poor breakfast, unfounded price.
    It was our fourth visit to Venice but this hotel - is really the worst 4* Venice hotel.

    Anonymous (Czech Republic)Couple
  • 29 September 2009
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    Anonymous (Italy)Couple with children
  • 24 September 2009
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    A fantastic hotel! The staff were brilliant.
    I would totally recommend this hotel to anyone.
    Thank you

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 11 September 2009
    4.3 / 5 Good

    An excellent arrangement for breakfast at the Monaco and the view there is superb. You should include that more prominently in your promotional literature.

    Anonymous (Ireland)Couple
  • 8 September 2009
    3.6 / 5 Good

    Really is the perfect location. Check in at the Hotel Monaco and they walk you back to the Palazzio...Hard Rock Cafe is right behind the hotel and you are right next to square...really was an enjoyable place to stay. Breakfast wasn't great, 2nd to arrive and last to be served...guess you might not want to look like you're checking out. Really was the only thing that went wrong.
    Will stay there again.

    Anonymous (Germany)Couple
  • 27 August 2009
    4.4 / 5 Good

    The photographs did not do justice to how nice this hotel is. It was significantly better than I expected. My only issue was the linen sheets, which were a little scratchy.

    Anonymous (Canada)Couple
  • 23 August 2009
    4.3 / 5 Good

    Excellent location - a stone's throw from St Mark's Square and, despite having to go to another building for breakfast, this turned out to be a bonus as it was served on a terrace overlooking the grand canal! The room was dark and fairly cramped although the en suite was more spacious and spotlessly clean. Would certainly recommend this hotel.

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 19 August 2009
    4.4 / 5 Good

    LUIS RIO MOSQUERA (Spain)Couple
  • 5 August 2009
    4.5 / 5 Excellent

    Anonymous (Slovenia)Couple
  • 1 August 2009
    4.1 / 5 Good

    An excellent hotel in the excellent tradition of Monaco & Grand Canal.
    Room cleaning between two guests could be better, and continental breakfast a bit more generous for its price.But the unique location of the restaurant in front of the Salute made us forget these details

    A Belgian customer (Belgium)Couple with children
  • 27 July 2009
    4.4 / 5 Good

    The hotel is tucked away in a street close to the Monaco and you would never know it was there if you weren't shown! The room was very nice, not huge, but smart and newly fitted out. It was very nice to take breakfast on the terrace of the Monaco, only a couple of minutes walk. Very good value if you take one of the 3 day special offers and get a 3 day free transport pass. The room was lovely and quiet by the way. I would stay there again.

    June Garbutt (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 24 July 2009
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    Robert Willis (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 17 July 2009
    4.2 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (France)Couple
  • 25 June 2009
    4.3 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Spain)Couple
  • 5 May 2009
    3.8 / 5 Good

    Santiago de Frutos López (Spain)Couple
  • 5 May 2009
    4.4 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Austria)Couple
  • 21 April 2009
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    Ludotdm (France)Couple
  • 9 April 2009
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    Wonderful hotel! Best location in Venice for sure! Absolutely recommend!

    Anna (Russia)Couple
  • 24 March 2009
    4.2 / 5 Good

    Excellent Hotel in the center of Venezia (San Marco square, near to the vaporetto station (boat transport) public and alilaguna boat transport to airport.
    Modern and good decoration of the rooms. No noises in the rooms. Excellent bathrooms. If you want to cook in the room is possible because the rooms have a small cooking bar.
    On the other hand, the brakfast is out of the Palazzo is in the Hotel Monaco (but near to the Palazzo) and there aren't continental breakfast.

    Marcos Rodriguez Barrio (Spain)Couple
  • 7 January 2009
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    The breakfast is very bad. With terrible white bread, bad croissant, packed toast (impossible in a very good hotel)and sugary muffins. It is a shame to have such an horrible breakfast, with excellent service and a lovely view to the lagoon, in such a nice hotel where I have stayed several times as a single traveller.

    Anonymous (Portugal)Couple
  • 14 December 2008
    4 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Germany)Couple
  • 2 December 2008
    3.1 / 5 Above average

    Internet on the room (wifi or connected)
    bigger television screen
    Flexibility in rebooking room from double to single with discount
    Flexibility in invoicing information

    De Cock Olivier (Belgium)Business traveller
  • 26 November 2008
    4.5 / 5 Excellent

    Excelente trato del personal del hotel ayudando en todo momento ante cualquier duda.
    Muy buena la situación del hotel , al estar totalmente céntrico (detrás de la plaza S.Marcos).
    El desayuno en el hotel MÓNACO estaba bien. La habitación nos pareció muy buena ( grande y espaciosa )
    Me parece muy buen hotel (todo bastante nuevo) y lo recomiendo(por su ubicación está muy cerca de todo).
    Además , tanto las paradas de los vaporettos , como la parada de los barcos de Alilaguna que van al aeropuerto está a penas 100 mts.

    SERGIO (Spain)Couple
  • 23 November 2008
    4.1 / 5 Good

    Ideale Lage, Sehr geschmackvoll renoviert, Zimmer sehr klein - dem Spezialpreis aber angemessen (3 Nächte 300 Euro incl. 2x 3 Tage Vaporetto Abi)

    Anonymous (Switzerland)Couple
  • 19 November 2008
    3.9 / 5 Good

    Palazzo Selvadego is a depandance of Monaco a Grand Canal Hotel. Perfect location, nice accommodation. Check in on the main reception on Monaco Hotel. Small reception non-stop on Palazzo. We saw some reviews with critics for the staff , but our experiences are only positive, maybe we were luck :-) . Friendly professional staff all around. Small continental breakfast will start you to the nice day, who want more ... see bars and snacks around. We had a pleasant stay.

    Petr T (Czech Republic)Couple
  • 27 September 2008
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    We did not know that we were an annexe to Hotel Monaco. The breakfasts were excellent and the service very good, but above all the location could not have been better. We all loved our rooms and for Venice it was value for money.

    Anonymous (Zimbabwe)Group
  • 26 August 2008
    3.6 / 5 Good

    Very poor breakfast

    Anonymous (Germany)Couple
  • 14 August 2008
    3.6 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Finland)Couple
  • 6 August 2008
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    This hotel worked out wonderfully for our family. The staff was courteous and helpful. Arrival via water bus (Alilaguna line) is very easy. Location is superb. Rooms extremely comfortable and nicely updated. A little treasure.

    DJ IRELAND (United States)Couple with children
  • 15 July 2008
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    Stefan De Jonghe (Italy)Group
  • 15 July 2008
    4.9 / 5 Excellent

    Michael (Switzerland)Group
  • 7 June 2008
    4 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Austria)Couple with children
  • 8 April 2008
    4.9 / 5 Excellent

    Was excellent in every way. If I had to find fault at all I'd say the lighting in the bedroom was not too good and a couple more English speaking TV channels would be useful - but hey, how much time do you spend in your room watching TV?

    Clive Sweeting (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 4 April 2008
    4 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (United States)Single traveller
  • 29 March 2008
    4.8 / 5 Excellent

    Whilst I booked for the Palazzo Selvadego in a superior double room, on arrival at the Monaco Hotel to check in we were upgraded to that hotel - and what a hotel. The only reason that this could not be a 5star hotel is the smallish size of the room but don't let that put you off. I have read other reviews from those who have stayed here who complain about the breakfast. My only comment is - what do they expect ? Continental breakfast is just that. If you want any more then pay for it!. Personally there was plenty of "Continental" to satisfy us both, and the tea was as good as at home !
    Everything about this hotel is first class and luxurious. Expensive but worth every penny.
    Very close to St Mark's Square and right on the Grand Canal the location is central and Venice is so easy to walk round that this location was excellent. Eating breakfast and watching the Gondoliers preparing for the day was rather special - even in the rain!
    If you don't like being pampered - fresh sheets daily and towels changed twice a day - then find somewhere else to stay.

    David Pulling (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 27 March 2008
    4.2 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (Portugal)Couple
  • 25 March 2008
    3.4 / 5 Above average

    My room was nothing like the pictures, It was a clean room but abit small but because we was there for a special occasion and we wanted something special we ended up upgrading to the main hotel where you check in.
    If it was just a normal city break I would recommed this hotel to everyone of my friends. The staff are nice and very helpful and the rooms are really well looked after.

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 24 March 2008
    4.2 / 5 Good

    MARIANO SOLA (Spain)Couple
  • 18 March 2008
    4 / 5 Good

    Building is much as described and service pleasant. Breakfast is elegantly served in a waterside room of the Monaco Hotel, of which the Selvadego is a nearby annex. One small caution - if your room price includes 'continental breakfast' that does not include e.g. the delicious fresh fruit salad shown on the priced menu on your table in the breakfast-room - you will be charged for anything you order from that.

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)Single traveller
  • 20 February 2008
    4.3 / 5 Good

    Josep Maria Montcusi Espasa (Spain)Couple
  • 22 January 2008
    3.3 / 5 Above average

    Il giudizio sarebbe stato positivo se non fosse per il fatto che, contrariamente a quanto proposto nelle foto del sito, la mia stanza non faceva parte del palazzo medievale ma di un palazzo adiacente. E, soprattutto, che nonostante avessimo chiesto una bella vista, la nostra finestra affacciava sull'ingresso dei bagni pubblici, con l'insegna "WC Toilette" in "primo piano"!
    Il giudizio è pertanto negativo.

    Anonymous (Italy)Couple
  • 3 January 2008
    3.8 / 5 Good

    Laurent (Switzerland)Couple
  • 15 November 2007
    4 / 5 Good

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)Couple
  • 3 November 2007
    4.7 / 5 Excellent

    Anonymous (Mexico)Single traveller

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